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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


well...long time enough for staying away from blogging...due to i really lack of inspiration...lolz..and the main reason i'm blogging now just because i have a really big struggle between myself that i would like to share it here...:]

it's all about VAMPIRES...well..i'm not gonna explain what's the definition of it...since it's quite well-known among people...haha

I just managed to read up a big book "twilight" which is as thick as a dictionary...i still couldn't believe that i really manage to do that until i flipper over the last sheet of the cover...that really makes me feel proud..really proud..

and i have to say that...this book..TWILIGHT...was awesome!!!
it makes me can't stop my finger to keep flipping over those sheets one page over another...and EDWARD was described in a fabulous way ever by the author in the book...and i can't deny that he is really attractive...specifically in the book...
his calmness and personalities just well attracted me like a magnet with a strong magnetic force ever...and drowned me deeply into the world of books...awww...now i can't wait to get the next book.."new moon" as soon as i get my sponsorship from my mom ofcourse..lolz..

meanwhile all the crushes on EDWARD in the book...i have a really struggle on the another vampire character who played in VAMPIRE DIARIES...as damon salvatore...another attractive vampire as well...but just somehow...both of them came from a different perspective in my in my interest...EDWARD CULLEN is from a book...while DAMON SALVATORE is a co-star ..A REAL human-liked creature played in a movie...so...i still manage to differenciate my thinking..and i love both of them as well!!!

all for today...:]
mom's get annoyed with my keyboard tapping sound on my lappie..

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